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Ministry Support
Adrian Dominican Sisters minister to and serve others. As proponents of education, we seek to teach and empower people to use their gifts to make the world a better place. Among the many ministries to which our sisters are called are literacy centers, health clinics for low-income and uninsured people, shelters for political refugees and battered women, and enrichment programs for youths.

Today, the needs of ministry are greater than ever and many of our acquaintances and former students are joining us to meet these needs. It is our belief that at the heart of ministry is a special relationship – one who receives, one who serves, and one who makes the service possible. It is your financial support that makes our service possible. We invite you to share our vision and promise for the future of ministries in the Dominican tradition. Together, let us continue to serve others.

Adrian Dominican Supported Ministries

In accord with our Chapter documents, the Adrian Dominican Ministry Trust funds projects focused on VISION 2004 — to Seek Truth, to Make Peace and to Reverence Life. This includes programs or projects involving women, racism, the poor and ecology in the categories of education, health care and social services. An Adrian Dominican Sister mentors each program or project. The Ministry Trust Grant Committee approved the following 28 projects for 2006-2007.

Adrian Pre-School Nursery
Adrian, Michigan
This program, based completely upon private donations and volunteer services, focuses on education for children of low-income and minority families who are not eligible for Head Start registration when the quota for Head Start children has been met. The children are provided preparatory experiences for entering the mainline school program. Marcine Klemm, OP, is an active board member.

Angela House
Houston, Texas
This residential program provides a safe place and supportive services for women upon their immediate release from prison.
Residents are typically homeless, and need counseling, medical, dental and legal assistance, job training and education. Maureen O’Connell, OP, is the founder and executive director of this program.

Approaches to Contemplative Living with Thomas Merton
Louisville, Kentucky
This grant is provided to develop a program and the materials necessary for small-group reflection and dialogue that address the need for a more contemplative, God-centered approach to everyday life which expectantly would promote peace and justice throughout the world. Pat Reno, OP, is staff to this project.

Centro Fe y Alegria Espiritu Santo
Baní, Peravia, Dominican Republic
Funding for this project will augment the education offerings of the present elementary school to include secondary education and job training skills. There is not another option for high school education in this community which serves Haitian and Dominican families who have little economic resources. Maurine Barzantni, OP, is the director of this project.

Centro Santa Catalina
El Paso, Texas/Juarez, Mexico

The center is dedicated to the spiritual, educational and economic empowerment of poor women and their families for the development of faith-based communities in a marginal colonia in Juarez, Mexico. Donna Kustusch, OP, is the founder and director.

Medical Support at Lazarus House
St. Charles, Illinois

Lazarus House provides services which include shelter for homeless men, women and children. This grant will help to provide access to needed medical, dental, and mental health treatment that cannot be covered by the homeless or other care programs available to the individual. Dorothy Dempsey, OP, ministers as a volunteer at this shelter.

Collaboration in Spirituality
Georgia and South Carolina

This project addresses the combined financial sustainability and development of three Adrian Dominican centers which offer opportunities for spiritual growth, empowerment, healing, and re-evangelization through prayer, meditation and programs of enrichment. These centers of safe, peaceful, natural environments are Cedar Hill, Sea of Peace and Springbank. This grant provides for marketing specialists. Kathryn Cliatt, OP, is the project director.

Grace House
Chicago, Illinois

This grant provides funding for a place where women exiting the prison system are transitionally housed, emotionally and spiritually supported, and professionally counseled. They are helped to set realistic goals for the future and to make informed choices that will empower them to remain out of prison and to lead lives with dignity with their families and in their communities. Mary Kay Dolan, OP, is administrator of this program.

Immigration Legal Assistance
Raleigh, North Carolina

One of the purposes of this project is to represent indigent immigrants in the criminal justice system, including victims of human trafficking; domestic violence; and juveniles who have been abused, neglected or abandoned. A second purpose is to develop a training plan and curriculum for law enforcement and social service agencies to be better informed about and able to help immigrant crime victims. Attracta Kelly, OP, is the supervising attorney and project director.

Intervention for Academic Success
Cleveland, Ohio

A Ministry Trust grant will help address the academic needs of students who are new to Archbishop Lyke Elementary School. These are students living below the poverty level and who have special needs. This program is designed to assist them in their attempt to experience academic success and enhance their self-esteem. Pat Stellmah, OP, is the administrative assistant to the director and administrative team.

Katherine’s Place
Seattle, Washington

This grant provides case management for healthcare, independent living skills, vocational skills and social services for homeless, single-parent women and their children who have HIV/AIDS. Michele Kopp, OP, is an active board member of the Archdiocesan Housing Authority and Catholic Community Services of Western Washington, which is the umbrella organization for this project.

Keeping Us Safe and Warm
Adrian, Michigan
This grant will provide partial funding of the operating costs of the 38-bed Catherine Cobb Domestic Violence Shelter, and the purchase of a natural-gas industrial-grade generator to be used in the shelter during power failures. Norma Dell, OP, is an active member of the board of directors.

Las Americas
El Paso, Texas
This program provides no-cost legal information about removal proceedings so that undocumented women and children are better informed about the process. It also provides representation for all detained undocumented women and children in the jurisdiction of the El Paso Immigration Court. A third provision of this program helps to assist with family reunifications. Esther Ortega, OP, is an active board member and assists with fund raising.

Lenawee Emergency and Affordable Housing Corporation (LEAHC)
Adrian, Michigan
The goals of this organization include: providing emergency shelter for the homeless; providing transitional housing for families in need; and providing direct client assistance, which includes financial aid, housing referral, landlord mediation and budget counseling. Lucy Ann Quinn, OP, is vice-president of the board of directors.

Lenawee Medical Clinic
Adrian, Michigan

This grant for funding for the Lenawee Medical Clinic operated by the Community Action Agency will help support programs for no-cost direct service, as well as the medical, dental and pharmaceutical needs of low-income and uninsured residents and migrant farm workers in Lenawee County. Joella Miller, OP, is an advisory board member.

Mediation and Restorative Justice Program
Siena Heights University
Adrian, Michigan
This grant will help establish a mediation and restorative justice program that provides Siena Heights University with mediators and facilitators who are trained to engage individuals, or groups, in structured processes that effectively resolve conflicts, address wrongdoing, build community and empower people to make decisions about issues that affect them. Sharon Weber, OP, is the academic dean at the University.

MI (Michigan Interfaith) Voice
Headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan
This program is a coalition of congregation-centered organizations operating in the poor and low-income, urban areas of Michigan. Its goal is to become THE organization in Michigan which demands progressive state policies in regards to the urban agenda, treatment of the poor and low-income persons, and immigrants. Cheryl Liske, OP, is the director of this program.

New Hope Clinic
Owingsville, Kentucky

This project provides quality health care which includes special emphasis on diabetics, in a storefront clinic for the working uninsured rural poor in eastern Kentucky at low cost to the client. Maria Goretti Browne, OP, is an active member of the board of directors.

On Behalf of Women and Children
Adrian, Michigan
Funding for this project will help to fill the gap between what it costs to provide service and what the client can afford to pay, in order to continue to offer quality counseling services to low-income women and their children who may otherwise be untreated. Pat Dulka, OP, is the co-administrator and clinical supervisor of this project.

Public Action to Deliver Shelter (PADS)
Chicago, Illinois
This grant will help provide funding for case managers to meet one-on-one with homeless guests to determine needs and link them to appropriate services. This includes assisting them to set and keep short-and long-term goals to improve their condition and to progress to more independent living. Norine Burns, OP, is an active board member and volunteers weekly as a site coordinator.

Santuario Sisterfarm
Boerne, Texas
This grant will help fund the Living Lightly on the Earth project, a practical example of Santuario Sisterfarm’s overall mission to cultivate diversity and to live in right relationship with the whole Earth community. Through the development of this project, Santuario Sisterfarm has become a model site for visitors to actually see and experience ethical practices of sustainable living on Earth. Carol Coston, OP, is the founder and co-director.

Schott Communities
Cooper City, Florida
Schott Communities provides ministry to persons who are deaf or disabled in a caring community, and offers services that strengthen, maintain and promote self-actualization and self-respect through education, socialization and spiritual formation. This grant for Ministry through the Arts will help those who are deaf or disabled tap into their personal sources of creativity and spirituality and use art as a medium of self-expression. Jeanne Denomme, OP, is the grant writer, manager and agency planner.

Spirit Mountain Retreat
Idyllwild, California
The core mission of Spirit Mountain Retreat is to offer a quiet and safe place for those persons seeking to engage in transforming consciousness through contemplative prayer/meditation, study and spiritual counseling. This grant is to help secure funding to hire additional staff necessary to the operation and expansion of the center. Esther Kennedy, OP, is the director.

St. Rose Senior Center
Detroit, Michigan
This center was established to provide a place where seniors (over 95 percent of whom live below the poverty level in Detroit) can gather for continuation of personal growth and companionship; to provide an outreach to the homebound; to provide transportation, prescription assistance, tax assistance, a daily noon meal, social services, field trips, crafts and enrichment classes. This grant from the Ministry Trust enables St. Rose Senior Center to continue to provide these services, some of which would need to be discontinued as a result of cut-backs in many of their previous funding sources. Martha Napior, OP, is an active board member.

Teaching Literacy
outhdale, South Africa
This project is to help rectify the past inequalities in teacher education and educational opportunities for learners who suffered under apartheid. Many of the learners in the project schools are orphans or vulnerable children because of the AIDS pandemic in sub-Saharan Africa. The goals are to provide graded readers to assist in the development of literacy skills in the Foundation Phase (Grades R-1-2-3) and to train teachers on the use of graded readers in the literacy classroom. Mary Margaret Pachucki, OP, monitors this grant.

Thumbs Up
Port Royal, South Carolina

Funding for this program offers children of mentally challenged parents and other “at-risk” children a chance to reach their full potential by providing year-round after-school tutoring and learning/enrichment experiences. Being a liaison between home and school also provides parents an opportunity to improve their parenting skills. Information regarding proper nutrition, the importance of taking their medications and keeping their doctor appointments are just some of the areas stressed. Mary Trzasko, OP, is the founder and director.

Voices for Earth Justice
Roseville, Michigan
This program seeks to foster learning, reflection and advocacy for God’s creation, through conferences, retreats, community gardening and workshops, using cognitive, aesthetic and experiential methods.
Collaborating with interfaith organizations and multicultural groups expands the original goals to include others in the process. The grant from the Ministry Trust enables Voices for Earth Justice to build these partnerships with low-income Arabs, Hmongs, and Hispanics. Janet Stankowski, OP, is board president; Patty Gillis (Associate) is executive director; and Carol Hofer (Associate) is a volunteer.

Women’s Action to Gain Economic Security (WAGES)
Oakland, California

This organization works to: provide economic security for low-income immigrant women by setting up a cooperative business that will create high-quality jobs; provide extensive skills training and leadership development for founding members; and protect the environment and women’s health by launching a “green” business. This grant from the Ministry Trust will enable the umbrella organization (WAGES) to launch this new venture called Eco-Friendly Housecleaning Cooperative. Corinne Florek, OP, is the director.