PAB Celebrates Three Decades of Socially Responsible Investing
The 1968 Chapter of Renewal was a defining event for the Adrian Dominican Sisters. Like other religious congregations at the time, the Adrian Dominicans were faced with new challenges in an ever-changing world, a world that was beginning to focus more and more on social justice. Indeed, the turbulent decade of the Sixties, coupled with the Chapter of Renewal, challenged the Congregation to live the Gospel in the modern world, and to seek new ways of serving the poor and marginalized. More

Cultural Worker Uses Play to Engage Public on the Death Penalty Issue
“Why do we think that an execution, which is a reflection of us as a society, solves anything? Each time we execute someone, something dies in our culture too — the heart and soul of who we think we are is diminished.” More

Legal Clinic Serves as a Voice for the Homeless
Imagine working two full-time jobs at minimum wage just to pay the rent on a two-bedroom apartment for you and your family. What little money is left over goes toward food, utilities and other basic necessities. You’re barely making ends meet, when suddenly you’re faced with a medical emergency. You don’t have a rainy-day fund, so you borrow the money to cover the medical costs. You pay the money back, but it’s at the expense of paying your rent. Eventually, you get behind in your rent payments and you end up being evicted. More

Interfaith Ministry Helps to Share the Warmth
January and February are the coldest of the winter months, and can be especially bone-chilling for the homeless. Various interfaith organizations in Adrian, however, including the Adrian Dominican Sisters, banded together during those harsh months to offer warmth to the adult homeless population. More

Adrian Dominican Enjoys a Lifelong Ministry at the Head of the Class
Here’s a pop quiz for all you trivia buffs. Which Adrian Dominican Sister has taught at Regina Dominican High School longer than any other Congregation member? If you answered Marion O’Connor, OP, congratulate yourself on a job well done. Sister Marion began teaching at this all-girls school in Wilmette, Illinois, in August 1964, and is now in her 41st year of ministry. These days, you’ll find her wearing two “hats” — that of teacher and alumnae coordinator. They are dual roles she wholeheartedly enjoys. More

Four Accepted as Associates
Following a liturgy at Resurrection Parish in Phoenix, Arizona, four women were welcomed as Adrian Dominican Associates on January 9. More

Adrian Woman Enters Candidacy with the Adrian Dominican Sisters
In the presence of family, friends, vowed members and associates,
Emily Malleis was welcomed as a candidate into the Adrian Dominican Congregation on February 15. More

Women in Our History
Sister Mary Xavier Darmstadt belonged to a family of musicians. Born in Elmhurst, Illinois, on December 9, 1891, she was baptized Cecilia. She was one of three children, all daughters, of Louise (Oehmann) and Gregory Darmstadt. Both parents were immigrants from Alsace-Lorraine. More