Vision Integration Reflection Questions

The Vision Integration Convening Circle (VICC) offers this series of reflection questions to explore with one another how the Vision is shaping our hearts and lives as Dominican preachers of Adrian. We hope they convey an honoring of the contemplative stance from which we live and invite responses that draw us into what has heart and meaning for us. These questions are offered as one way to continue sharing within Mission Groups, and other configurations, what it means for us to live the Vision in an integrating manner.

We invite you to send the Office of Vision Integration any questions that you would like to include for discussion within Mission Groups that touch the heart of living the Vision for you.

1. How does my heart connect with the Vision?

2. Is there a symbol or image that conveys how I see myself within the context of the Vision?

3. As a “Dominican preacher of Adrian,” how do I manifest concretely my “seeking truth, making peace, reverencing life?”

4. What expressions* of the Vision am I focused on in my life at this present time?

5. How do I experience the interconnectedness of the Vision’s various expressions?

Share a personal story in which the integration of two or more of the expressions of the Vision is manifest in your life and ministry.

6. What expressions of the Vision are not yet evident in my living the Vision?

7. We are called not only to individual integration but also to communal integration of the Vision. How do those I share life and faith with manifest the integration of two or more expressions of the Vision?

8. “Living in right relationship with Earth community” is newer language for many of us. What does it mean to me to strive to live the Vision within the context of Earth community?

*“Expression” means a component, dimension or element of the Vision.