September 1, 2007

Dear Sisters and Associates,

In July the General Council announced the Congregation's overwhelming response in support of the Nuclear Disarmament Corporate Stance. Eighty-seven percent (774 sisters) of the Congregation voted and 98.6 percent of the votes supported the corporate stance.

We, the justice promoters of the Congregation, express gratitude for your tremendous support of this corporate position on behalf of the people of the world and the planet.

This is the third corporate stance taken by the Adrian Dominican Sisters. The others were the Death Penalty, April 2002; and Iraq STEP (Sensible Transition to an Enduring Peace), November 2005.

Our Corporate Stance on Nuclear Disarmament reads:

     "The Dominican Sisters of Adrian:

Call upon the United States government to lead the way for the global abolition of nuclear and all weapons of mass destruction by adopting a plan to lock down, reduce, and eliminate nuclear and all weapons of mass destruction. We call for immediate development, adoption and implementation of a plan that will ensure that there will be no new nuclear weapons, no new materials for nuclear weapons, and no testing of nuclear weapons. We will work with all people of goodwill until there is no chance that a nuclear weapon or other weapon of mass destruction can come into the hands of anyone." June 2007

We have taken the first step toward abolition of nuclear weapons. To assist you in ongoing action of this issue, the ADS justice promoters have created the enclosed brochure and sample letter to the editor. We encourage you to send a letter to the editor of your local paper today.  To keep the momentum going, during the months of November, January and March 2007-08, three additional resources will be posted on the Congregation website under Vision and Mission/ Global Mission, Justice and Peace/Nuclear Disarmament.

We look forward to adding the Adrian Dominican voice to the Dominican Federation announcement in April 2008 that the Dominican Sisters in the U.S. stand for the abolishment of nuclear weapons and all weapons of mass destruction.


Judy Byron, OP, Dominican West
Mary Fran Coleman, OP, Holy Rosary
Deborah Regal Collar, Associate, Great Lakes
Mary Catherine Gagliano, OP, Dominican Mid-West
Chris Matthews, OP, Adrian Crossroads
Barbara Matteson, OP, Mid-Atlantic
Helen Michels, Associate, Florida
Durstyne Farnan, OP, Director of Global Mission, Justice and Peace

“What can be said, too, about those governments which count on nuclear arms as a means of ensuring the security of their countries? Along with countless persons of good will, one can state that this point of view is not only baneful but also completely fallacious. In a nuclear war there would be no victors, only victims. The truth of peace requires that all —whether those governments which openly or secretly possess nuclear arms or those planning to acquire them— agree to change their course by clear and firm decisions, and strive for a progressive and concerted nuclear disarmament. The resources which would be saved could then be employed in projects of development capable of benefiting all their people, especially the poor.”

Benedict XVI on January 1, 2006


Corporate Stance: Nuclear Disarmament
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