Lura Mack: Coordinator of Community Investments and Administration

Lura has been working in the community investment arena with the Adrian Dominican Sisters since 1996. Her focus is on establishing, monitoring and maintaining partnerships with nonprofit community-based organizations, overseeing the loan application process, and making site visits with borrower groups. She also is responsible for the general administration of the Portfolio Advisory Board office.

Margaret Weber: Coordinator of Corporate Responsibility

Margaret coordinates the ongoing proxy voting and monitoring of investments including investment criteria. The focus of her shareholder work encompasses access to health, environmental justice, global warming, water and food.


Annette Sinagra, OP: Corporate Responsibility Analyst

Sister Annette’s work centers on human rights, with a special focus on the banking and financial industry, as well as the contract supplier system which includes sustainable wages, workers' rights and safety. Her 27 years of ministry in the Dominican Republic has given her an understanding of the impact of corporate policies and practices.

Judy Byron, OP: Corporate Responsibility Committee Member

Sister Judy serves on PAB's Corporate Responsibility Committee and is Coordinator of the Northwest Coalition for Responsible Investment (NWCRI) in Seattle, of which the Adrian Dominican Sisters are a member. Sister Judy engages companies on violent videos, teen smoking in movies, and other issues, complementing Sister Annette and Margaret's work.

Patti McLaughlin: Executive Assistant

Patti provides administrative and clerical support to the board and team consistent with the mission, vision and values of the Adrian Dominican Sisters. She also works closely with Lura in processing loans for community investments and participates in ongoing proxy voting.