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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
About Becoming an Adrian Dominican Sister

Q. Do I have to be a Catholic to become a sister?
A. Yes, it is necessary to be a practicing, fully-initiated member of the Catholic Church, that is, having received the sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist, and Confirmation. However, women and men of other faiths can affiliate themselves with the Adrian Dominicans through our Associate program.
Q. Do you have an age limit?
A. Yes, women are invited to enter into the discernment process between the ages of 19-45. Those who are older than the norm will be considered on an individual basis.
Q. Why is there an age limit?
A. We are an active, apostolic Congregation. A woman's ability to make the transition
into a new lifestyle and to actively minister for a significant period of time after the
initial incorporation process are central issues in the discernment conversation.
Q. Do I need a college education?
A. No. We ask that a woman have a high school education and minimally two years of
college or working experience after high school before applying to enter.
Q. Can a divorced women become an Adrian Dominican Sister?
A. Yes, as long as she has obtained an annulment from the Church and is a practicing Catholic.
Q. What if I have a child or children?
A. Children need to be over twenty-one, self-sufficient, and self-supporting. A woman who enters the Congregation needs to be free to fully enter into the formation process.
Q. Do I need to sell my house or condo and turn over all financial assets to the
Congregation when I enter?
A. No. A woman can make whatever arrangements for her property, possessions, and
finances that will free her from being burdened by administrative responsibilities and enable her to fully enter into the formation process.
Q. What can I do to know if I have a call to vowed life as a sister?
A. Pray and ask God's help to discern your vocation in life. Seek information about religious communities of Sisters as well as opportunities to spend time with them.
Attend retreats, days and weekends of discernment offered by sisters. Know that the Adrian Dominican Sisters are praying for you.